My First Book of Quantum Physics

Science book for children

My First Book of Quantum Physics is the perfect book for explaining all sorts of theories, from Newton to Maxwell or even Schrödinger’s cat, as well as atoms, the periodic table, antimatter and radioactivity. 

Dive into the exciting world of quantum physics with Dr. Albert!

Illustration: Eduard Altarriba
Text: Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferrón
An original idea by Alababalà

Títols publicats - STEM, Llibre de ciència

Everything around us – trees, buildings, food, light, water, air and even ourselves – is composed of minute particles, smaller than a nanometre (a billionth of a metre). Quantum physics is the science of these particles and without it, none of our electronic devices, from smartphones to computers and microwave ovens, would exist.

But quantum physics also pushes us to the very boundaries of what we know about science, reality and the structure of the universe. The world of quantum physics is an amazing place, where quantum particles can do weird and wonderful things, acting totally unlike the objects we experience in day-to-day life. How can atoms exist in two places at once? And just how can a cat be dead and alive at the same time? Find out more with this entertaining illustrated guide to the fascinating, mysterious world of quantum physics.

Topics include: quanta, light, waves and particles, mass, photons, atoms, molecules, spectra, wave-particle duality, matter and antimatter, Schrödinger’s cat, the Uncertainty Principle, probability waves, quantum entanglement, radioactivity and quarks.


Premis. Premios. Award

Editorial Juventud: 285 x 285 mm /Hardcover / 48 pages / ES, CA
Buttonbooks: 248 x 248 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / EN
Knesebeck: 285 x 285 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / DE
Nathan: 285 x 285 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / FR
AST: 270 x 270 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / RU
Erikcson: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / IT
Dourei: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / KR
Didactica: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / RO
Adamada: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / PL
Domingo: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / TR
Kagaku Dojin: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / JA
Danskie Wydawnictwo: 285 x 2850 mm / Hardcover / 48 pages / PL
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Col·lecció Dr. Albert. Colección Dr Albert. Dr Albert book series

‘Dr. Albert’ Collection

Dr. Albert is the perfect collection of books for explaining seemingly complex issues to children aged 10 and over in the simplest, most fun way possible, with a focus on teaching science.

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