My First Book of Relativity

Science book for children

In My First Book of Relativity, we will find out about Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. What is space-time?

We all know almost instinctively what time is and what space is. They seem like simple concepts. But if we really think about them, we realise that fascinating things can happen.

Join us on this mind-blowing journey!

Illustration: Eduard Altarriba
Text: Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferrón
An original idea by Alababalà

Títols publicats - STEM, Llibre de ciència

Einstein’s special theory of relativity is one of the cornerstones of modern physics, but it requires a total rethink of our notions about time and space. Strange things happen in a relative universe: length and time are not fixed and depend upon your frame of reference. A period of time on Earth that lasts for hundreds of years might only be a couple of hours for someone traveling in a rocket close to the speed of light.

Find out more about how our universe works and how space and time are connected in this fascinating introduction to relativity. This book introducers complex science to children through bright illustrations and amusing text, because it’s never too early to start exploring big ideas.


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